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Anti Aging Serum Benefits For Beautiful Ageless Skin

Anti Aging Serum Benefits For Beautiful Ageless Skin

You are probably familiar with the best practices of day to day skin care routines, wash your face morning and night, use a moisturizer and don't forget to use sunscreen. There is a new growing addition to the skin care routine that you probably have already heard of, but not familiar with; using a serum. 

Serums are key additions to any good skin care routine.  You can cleanse and moisturize morning and night on a regular basis, but if you’re looking for active ingredients to help brighten, lift and smooth your skin; you need a Anti Aging face serum.

What Is a Anti Aging Serum?

A serum contains a high amount of active ingredients that you can get without obtaining a prescription.  Cleansers and moisturizers typically contain 8% active ingredients, whereas serums can contain as much as 70% active ingredients. Simply Radiant serums contain upwards of 98% active ingredients. More active ingredients help improve results when you are looking to brighten, firm, even skin tone and diminish dark spots.

Acne Reduction

Moisturizers tend to have a thicker consistency than serums, containing more filler ingredients, which in turn leaves more residue on the skin.   This additional unseen residue can sometimes irritate the skin causing acne or breakouts.  Simply Radiant products do not contain fillers, chemicals, toxins or any artificial ingredient. Because serums have higher active ingredients, they have a less thick watery or botanical consistency, this allows serums to absorb into the skin deeper allowing the skin to absorb far more active ingredients.

How to Apply Serums?

You know what a serum is and what some of the face serum benefits are, let’s talk about how you can apply a serum for best results.

Cleanse Before Serum Use

A serum is most effective when applied to slightly moist, clean skin.  Throughout the day your face is exposed to various environmental elements that can irritate the skin such as air pollution, dirt, germs transferred from touching the face.  These elements can cause a residue build up on our face that clogs pores.  For best results, wash your face with a facial wash or facial cleanser and warm moist towel.  This will open the pores and allow the serum to better penetrate the skin to deliver active ingredients.

Apply Warm Towel to Face

Once facial cleaning is complete, apply a warm moist towel to your face to open pores. This will improve absorption of the serum.

Pat Serum on Face

The natural technique when apply skin care products is to massage creams and lotion into the skin.  Resist massaging the serum into your skin as this will limit the absorption of the serum.  For better penetration, put dots of serum across your face and pat the serum into your skin allowing the skin to absorb the serum.

Tingling Sensation

If you feel a tingling sensation on your face when applying the serum, don’t panic as this is a common sensation when applying serum.  A tingling sensation in the face often means the active ingredients are being absorbed into the skin. 

Finish With a Natural Moisturizer

Once the serum has been applied, wait for the serum to fully dry.  Follow up the serum or with a moisturizer to help lock in the active ingredients.  The neck is a commonly forgotten area to moisturize. As we get older, skin starts to become less firm and drop.  Some experts recommend applying moisturizer to the face in upward strokes as this can help combat some of those symptoms.  

Always apply serums lightest to thickest, allowing about one minute for the serum to penetrate the skin. 

How To Incorporate Anti-Aging Serums Into Your Organic Skin Care Beauty Regime.

  1. Cleanser
  2. Tone
  3. Vitamin C Serum
  4. Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  5. Retinol Serum (Evening Only)
  6. Eye Serum
  7. Moisturizer with SPF


Author: Ashley Parker

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